Jamsa Salahuddin

Fremont, CA

(650) 248 3765, (510) 972 4212




14+ years of experience in UNIX (Solaris, HP-UX, Linux, SCO, FreeBSD, DG-UX) systems programming, multithreading and IPC, QA, testing and test automation. Web Development (LAMP).




Solaris, HP-UX, Linux, SCO, DG-UX, Sinix, Windows (SDK).


C/C++, PHP (OO), Shell, Perl, Java


MySQL, Oracle, Berkeley DB, InternetSql, Sybase, Informix.


Expertise in Unix systems programming and IPC on various Unix platforms. Viz, shared memory, sockets, message queues, semaphores, signals, etc, strong in Solaris and Posix multithread programming. Good at daemon development on various platforms and expert in developing testing tools and automation.





Nov 2008 – date

·         Designed and developed modules; event system, advertiser feedback platform, advertiser platform, fraud etc.

·         Worked on memcache, session management, advertiser management, reporting, automation.

·         Worked on Reports and automated day-to-day Customer support, Sales, and Account Managers request. 



July 2007 – Oct 2008

·         Designed and developed Targeter and Relevance subsystem that interact with third party software and builds data for ad-server system

·         Maintained and enhanced Stats system, which processes hundred’s of gigabyte data.

·         Maintained and enhanced Click/Hit processing system.



Jan 2007 – July 2007

·         Working on backend test design, development and automation.


Oracle Corporation, Redwood Shores, CA

Jan 2005 – Dec 2006 (IBM)
Feb 2000 - July 2000 (EMC)

·         Worked in team responsible for porting, testing and bug fixing of Oracle Server on Linux (PowerPC) and Data General UNIX.

·         The software was developed in C/Java and made extensive use of Thread Programming.

·         Fixed problems of core dumps, threads, race conditions serialization, memory leaks and system hangs.


Network Appliances

Nov 2004 – Jan 2005

·         Worked on test development of the network filers.


Hewlett-Packard, Cupertino, CA

July 2003 – July 2004
July 2000 - Sep 2001

·         Responsible for design development/enhancement and management of test automation for kernel testing for both functionality and reliability over the various OS configurations.

·         Developed automated tools for kernel code coverage using C-Cover and ICA along with the front end of test automation software.

·         Managing and administering more then 100 machines of 18 different classes with two different flavors.

·         Automated the result analysis and reports.

·         Managing the whole test harness for two different releases.

·         Involved in Code reviews.

·         Design and developed tools for admin related jobs.


Core competencies that were needed to perform the above jobs are - knowledge of HP-UX kernel subsystems, test plans development, test automation, ClearCase SCM, OS kernel testing, failure triaging and dump analysis; PERL, C and shell scripting.


3ZNet, Inc

Sep 2004 – Oct 2004
Feb 2002 – July 2003

·         Developed and tested an E-Commerce application where different clients can buy and sell products

·         Developed a web based call center product.

·         Composed utility programs for administration and testing of various transactions.

·         Worked on the Internet SQL, a different kind of database developed in house. This product is being developed using C, C++ on Unix and Windows.

·         Developed library project using Windows SDK and Internet SQL as backend.

·         Tools/Software used: C/C++, Perl, PHP, HTML, XML and MySql, Windows SDK.


Wink Communications, Alameda, CA

Oct 1999 - Jan 2000

·         Worked on project related to providing E-Commerce Services on Television in C/C++ on the Solaris and Windows platform.

·         Developed software for parsing incoming binary data.

·         Developed multithreaded software for testing parser.


This testing software created threads to generate random input data involving single and multiple records at random intervals. It then validated all the data received from the parser vis-à-vis the incoming data, and generated reports automatically.


AFL Infotech, India

Oct 1997 - Sep 1999


Environment: Solaris 2.5, Sinix, Linux, Windows NT, C (TCP/IP, Unix Internals)

·         Developed world's first Client server Airline Reservation System, in conjunction with Perot Systems Europe, UK for the major European airlines. It consisted of a GUI that interacts with an Informix database on Unix. In addition, the system interacts with a global CRS (Amadeus) and other GDS using IATA standard airline messages over X.25 and TCP/IP. This interaction is performed via a CRS gateway, which accepts the incoming messages, processes them and then sends an appropriate reply. The CRS Gateway made extensive use of various Unix IPC mechanisms, such as shared memory, sockets, etc.

·         Developed TCP/IP Layer and other routines for Gateway and Tuxedo service, Printer Server for Unix and Printer Handler for Windows, for printing Tickets or messages.

·         Developed a more secure StringSafe library a substitute for standard C library.

·         Involved in code reviews of the product.


Tata Electric, India

Jan 1997 - Sep 1997

·         Developed Multithreaded Communication Interface module that involved communication with remote systems and other local modules.

·         Developed the modules and daemon processes using Solaris threads, Posix threads and IPC’s using C on Solaris. The daemon was used to send data to other machines.

·         Developed simulators for other modules and remote system along with extensive testing and code reviews.



National Center for Software Technology

Jan 1997 - Oct 1997 (Student)

·         Developed an Airline reservation system based on the OSI Network model. OSI Physical layer was already available.

·         Developed all other OSI layers. This was done using C on Solaris 2.x. Developed misc. software in C on Solaris 2.x, e.g. Solaris based spreadsheet, utility software, automated scripts / tools, etc.


Berkeley DB (MS Project)

As part of MS project, added new functionality to Berkeley DB. Also added multi-threading (multi-processing) for Performance improvement (faster search).



MS Software Engineering - San Jose State Univerity.

DCSA (Post BS Diploma in Computer Science and Applications), Dept of CSE, India.

BS, Bombay University, India

CCST (Certificate Course in Software Technology) from NCST.