John Bock

637 South 10th Street

New Hyde Park, NY 11040





Education:        Private composition lessons with Chris Mercer


                  Year: 2010, Computer Music Composition  


                  Koninklijk Conservatorium, The Hague, The Netherlands

                  Years 2007-2008, Sonology


                  Queens College, City University of New York

                  Years 2005-2006, Music Major


                  Stockhausen Courses, Kurtain, Germany, 2005

                  Study: Analysis of Stockhausen’s Music


Nassau Community College, Garden City, NY

A.A. Degree, Music Major, main instrument: piano 2006



Interests:        *Writing computer music. 

*Sound design

*Studying music of the past and today. 

*Philosophy, art, science, 

*Working with computer music programs

                  *Play the piano

                  *Teach piano




                  Computer Piece 2

                  Piece written for computer

                  Work in progress. 


                  Computer Piece 1

                  Piece written for computer

                  Completed in 2010

                  Premiere: Queens College 12/9/2010



Experience:       2009 Laconia Music New Hype Park, NY

                  Taught piano to children as young as three, teens, and                  adults.


                  2006-2007 Target/Starbucks College Point, N.Y.

Duties include: Operated cash register, prepared drinks, cleaned dining area, washed dishes, removed trash


2002-2005 Nassau Community College, Garden City, N.Y., Student Aid, Music Department. Duties include: Answered phones, collated and organized files, set-up for concerts, (including setting up chairs and hooking up microphones). Assisted the secretary with computer work, and sorted mail


2000-2002 Sunrise Assisted Living, North Lynbrook, NY,

Piano Player.  Played music such as ragtime and music written in the 1930s and 1940s for senior citizens.         


Computer SKills: Windows and Mac, Office 2007, Csound, Overture, Adobe Audition, Max/MSP, Audio Mulch, PD, ProTools, Granulab, Supercollider (in progress), Overture, Internet


REFERENCES: Chris Mercer 773-474-1402

            Alejandro Castelano 347-510-8482

            Laconia Music 516-352-4070