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Resumelink description for VCs

by Aaron on April 28th, 2010

Resumelink is an online resume service.  It allows users to upload or create their resume online and share it with employers and recruiters.

I want to develop it in an agile manner and start with a very basic feature set, but rapidly add features.  This is a challenge for design, since I do not want to deteriorate the design or hamper usability; yet at the same time make new features easy to discover.

The primary goal of the business is to acquire users, and become the site for personal resumes.  I want someone to be able to say over the phone with a prospective employer “my resumelink is …” and they’ll know exactly what they’re talking about.

The secondary goal is to make it easy to find the right resume with a simple web search.  If you search for “Aaron Evans resume” or “Software Tester Seattle” I want my resume to be at the top of the search results for all the major search engines.  SEO will be an important factor.

The tertiary goal is to build a community around job seekers who can help and encourage each other by offering advice on their job search, resume critique, and potentially referrals.  I want to build a social network to this effect, and leverage existing social networks.

The revenue model will be add supported / freemium with additional services for employers & recruiters.  Registered users will be allowed to choose not to see ads and premium users will not have ads shown to others who view their resume.

To acquire users I need to have resumelink rank high on search results for “online resume” and related terms.  I will also purchase ads to help drive users.

Word of mouth will also be instrumental in spreading the word, and I plan to use social networks, blogging, and personal connections to achieve this.  Recruiting an experienced job search professional with social media experience who can be the online face of resumelink by writing articles and blog posts, and connecting with others via social networks and personal connections will be an important step.

Getting users to upload their resume is key to establishing credibility and momentum.  A good design is critical to establish user trust and willingness to represent themselves on Resumelink.  The process should be as easy as possible with no roadblocks and no hesitation.  A simple, streamlined UI and clearly stated, user rights and terms are important for this.

Simplicity of use and user control will be the selling points.

I have a partnership that should bring in a few thousand initial resumes.  For new users, personal referral will be even more important than direct discovery (e.g. via search & targeted marketing)

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