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One happy customer, 999,999 to go

by Aaron on May 10th, 2010

Larissa Long isn’t the first person to use Resumelink (that would be me), but she’s a pretty early adopter.

I made a few mistakes with her resume (which was uploaded in RTF format) and she kindly let me know:

´╗┐First I want to say thank you for such an awesome site.
This is a great idea and the future of resumes. I can’t wait to use it. With
that said, there were some characters added to the top of my resume.
Also I asked for larissalong instead of larissa-long. Is there
something I need to do differently? Thanks!

With such sugar-coated criticism, how could I help but fix the problem? Our resume conversion process isn’t bulletproof by any means (in fact it’s a somewhat manual process still) but I hope to make it better and eventually allow people to edit their own resumes and profile information. For now, if you have a problem, please let me know. We want to keep our users happy.

Like I told Larissa:

Resumelink is a brand new service so we’ve got a lot of kinks to
work out, and I appreciate your feedback…Please let me know if
there’s anything else we can do to make your resumelink better.
And tell your friends!

I know her resume conversion still isn’t perfect, but she replied:

Thanks for the response. I do plan on telling my friends about this.
I think this is where technology is heading. Thanks for fixing my
link, I have posted it to my online portfolio.

I sure hope this is where technology is headed. While I won’t always be able to manually tweak people’s resumes to get all the different formats correct (MS Word Doc, Adobe PDF, HTML, and plain text) I hope to be able to minimise glitches and give users the tools they need. In the meantime, early adopters feel free to take advantage of me.

Besides bug reports, I’d love to hear feature requests. I hope to have user profiles working at a basic level by the end of the month.

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