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Apr 23 10

using HTML meta tags on resumes

by Aaron

I’m coding up the resume HTML profile template and the question came up about meta tags.  You know, things like:

<meta name="description" content="resume for Aaron Evans, Software Quality Assurance Professional, Seattle, WA"></meta>

There are a bunch of other tags of dubious worth, including:


Description is probably a good one to include, since it potentially is seen in search engine results.  Title is dubious, and so are keywords, but it probably doesn’t hurt to include them.  I’ve heard that Google ignores, but Bing uses geo information, but probalby including your city & state in description (or an address in the content) is good enough. You might also not want ranked in a search by your region if you want to move.

There are a slew of others, and of course, you can make your own up, but what really works?

Apr 23 10

Looking for a job search industry expert for media relations

by Aaron

I realise I’m blogging about the business and the technology and not really focussing on what the product does.

Part of that is because that’s whats exciting to me right now, and I haven’t had as much chance to think about the nuts and bolts and you know, actual users.

Another part of it is, I don’t know that much about the industry, other than being an employee who has written a resume and dealt with recruiters and employers and looked for my share of jobs.

What I need is someone who knows the industry, possibly from an HR or recruiting perspective, who is passionate, literate, likes to keep informed, and is willing to write about the field, talk to users, reach out to employers, and be the face & voice of Resumelink.

Apr 23 10

Facebook integration

by Aaron

I want to help people who use existing social networks leverage resumelink.

An obvious first step is allowing people to link to their facebook profile from resumelink. The reciprocal — being able to link to their resume from facebook is easy enough, but having an app that can be there all the time will be a next step.

I’m going to investigate the facebook “open graph” which I think essentially will mean you can click “like” or “unlike” on my site, on a resume, or on a job listing, etc.

I probably need to create a facebook presence too, so people can become fans in the old fashioned way and spread the word.

Apr 22 10

Approved for Google Adsense

by Aaron

Just got approved for Google Adsense. I wasn’t expecting that yet. I’ll have to take a look and see what they look like next to real resume content.

Apr 22 10

Monetizing Resumelink

by Aaron

I’m not going to try to make money right away, but in order to pay for development, hosting, & support (and my yacht), I’ll need a way to monetize.

OPTION 1 is membership subscriptions.

I’m thinking $1/month for premium members.  This would allow extra features and the ability to turn off advertising.


OPTION 2 is advertising.

I’m thinking google adsense / overture style text ads.  Also using direct advertising agencies with targeted results.  The idea is that the ads would either be relevant to the job seeker (e.g. jobs, recruiters, resume writers, etc.) or to someone looking at their resume. This could be either potential employers and recruiters, or the random visitor (e.g. if you stumble across the resume of someone who installs windows, you might see ads for window manufacturers.)  The last will be tricky, because franky, I don’t know of anyone who does it well.  Google has a particularly notorious reputation, but maybe that’s because expectations are high (or because they have such a large marketshare and don’t care.)

So I might eventually want to manage my own ad feed.

Again I’m thinking in the $1 range.  $1/CPM  — I don’t think I could build the pay per click infrastructure, but I might be able to build a useful feed, or filter existing feeds.  That might be useful elsewhere too.

I’ve said this wasn’t going to be a job posting site, but if I allow direct advertising, or job-related ad feeds, there’s bound to be job posting advertisements.  I guess that’s okay.  If you’re looking at your own resume, you might like to see an ad from an employer who thinks you’re a good candidate.  But I’m not going to try to learn that.  I’d rather partner with a job board — and maybe there are feeds for that that members can subscribe to.

If I’m successful building a community, that might make advertising feasible.  But I don’t want to turn off users either.

I might just provide (even for free members) a button on their profile that says “don’t show me ads.”  It would mean less eyeballs to sell, but it would mean more users.

But enough about advertising.  It’s a tricky field and I don’t know much about it.

OPTION 3 is selling tools to Employers & Recruiters.  I don’t know what I can provide that others aren’t probably already doing better, but see the last post where I ask for ideas.  If you want it, and will pay for it, I will build it.

But I won’t sell you customer information that they don’t grant me.  I won’t sell contact information at all.  You have to go to the user directly to get that.  I won’t let you see or search their resume if they don’t want me to.  That makes it tricky, and gives me a disadvantage against competitors — in the eyes of the candidate seekers, not the job seekers.  I hope these policies with be an advantage for resumelink there.

Apr 22 10

Resumelink for job seekers

by Aaron

The primary purpose of the site is to help job seekers.

In my last post I worried about distracting them with the “business” side of resumelink, and I want to be very careful to weigh their needs without distracting from the primary purpose.

I think I’ve got a fairly good list of features for resumelink

  1. create a personalized URL (their “resume link”)
  2. upload your resume
  3. create resume online
  4. convert resume to different formats (DOC, PDF, HTML, TXT)
  5. style resume with custom templates
  6. create a personal profile
  7. connect to your online presence (facebook, linkedin, twitter, etc) from your profile
  8. control access to your resume and contact information
  9. give feedback and referrals to other job seekers
  10. statistics on resume views

but I don’t know if that’s what job seekers really want.  I’d love to hear what else you’d like, and which of the above you care about most/least.

Apr 22 10

Resumelink for employers, recruiters, advertisers, investors

by Aaron

What if I had a web site where thousands of people posted their resumes, connected with other job seekers, and managed their job search online?

If you replace ‘thousands’ with ‘millions’ you might say I was called  But what if I wasn’t?  Would it still appeal to you?  What would make it appeal to you?

  • Targeted fields (like technical professions) or regions (like the Seattle area)?
  • Higher quality candidates?
  • Better search/filtering/whatever tools?
  • What else?

I want to attract employers, recruiters, advertisers, and maybe even investors, but I don’t want to detract from the main purpose, which is providing online resumes for job seekers.  So, besides identifying features and services that appeal to them, I want to welcome them without distracting the primay users.

I’m thinking about tab or links that say:

“are you an employer?”

“are you a recruiter?”

“are you an advertiser?”

“are you an investor?”

How to give them prominent enough guides to direct them to the relevant pages without distracting job seekers?

By the way, if you are any of the above, and are interested in resumelink, let me know here.

Apr 20 10

QA Site

by Aaron

I’m moving project planning, development, and design to a QA Site at

I believe open design and development keeps me honest and motivated.  It’s not for everyone, but it gives me a chance to pitch my other project.

This blog will be primarily geared towards users and project announcements for  I will probably have a business related blog as well, for those who wish to follow the evolution of resumelink as a startup.

Apr 20 10

looking for a logo design

by Aaron

I decided to try out 99 designs to get a logo for

Here’s my post:

And here’s the full text for those who are seeing it here:

Brief Overview

I’m an entrepreneur and freelance software developer.Resumelink is an online resume posting service. Upload your resume in any format. Share it with an easy to remember URL (e.g. Keep track of who views or downloads it. Comment or give referrals to other job seekers.

After the logo, we will be looking for web site design as well.

Brand Name


Target Audience

Resumelink is a new venture into the space of job sites such as,, and It targets job seekers in a new way: not a job posting site, but a resume posting site. We hope to alleviate the annoying job search process by helping you gain control over your resume and job prospects.Our aim is to help people in their job search by more easily sharing their resume, gaining visibility to employers and recruiters, and working together to share referrals.

Simplicity and professionalism is the overriding theme we want to convey.


I am looking for a logo design that is clean, simple, and professional. Because the site design is not complete yet, the logo will influence the overall design. Let me know if you would also be interested in doing the full design.My initial concept is a link to resume, illustrated by a pointer arrow clicking on a piece of paper.

I have several (very poor) sketches at

You can choose to look at them or not to see what I have in mind. I am also open to completely new design ideas.

I think I would like simple solid colors (max 2 + black/white) and no gradients or drop shadows (unless subtle) with a logo to the left of the brand name “resumelink” — all lowercase (I think.)

I am open to a light-on-dark background, but probably prefer a white background.

I want something that is simple and clear enough to be recognized as a favicon, but is also pleasing at full screen size. The typical logo display will be moderately small (probably around 100px height.)

Payment Methods

This contest has been pre-paid with 99designs. The winner will be paid directly by 99designs for the full prize amount, excluding any third party transfer fees.

  • Paypal (free, 2-3 day payment turnaround)
  • Moneybookers (charges apply, 5-10 day payment turnaround)
  • AlertPay (charges apply, 5-10 day payment turnaround)
  • Western Union (charges apply, 10 day payment turnaround)
Apr 17 10

Added Akismet

by Aaron

Hopefully this will block spam.