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Your resume online, under your control, the way you want it

Welcome to Resume Link! We’re a new site with a simple goal: getting your resume online so the right people can see it.

You’ve probably used job sites like,, or and had less than spectacular results. Recruiters who’ve never read your resume and automated emails from programs that just scan listings and resumes looking for

What we provide:

  • A free online resume fully under your control.
    You control how your resume looks, what’s in it, and who can see it.
  • Lots of custom templates to make your resume stand out.
    Choose one of our templates or upload your own. Change the look and layout of your resume without having to rewrite it again.
  • Custom, searchable fields so employers can focus on exactly what they’re looking for.
  • Available in any format. Your resume can be downloaded as a Microsoft Word DOC, as a PDF for pixel perfect printing, or as plain text. It’s also available online as HTML with optional dynamic presentation for easier browsing
  • A personalized URL that you can give out. An easy to remember address you can put on business cards, emails, or over the phone While it’s inevitable there will be more than 1 johnsmith in the world, we’ll make sure people don’t abuse URLs or take names that don’t belong to them. Premium members can have tracking urls to see how many people are seeing it and from where: gslist, email, direct submission, etc. You can also get for a nominal fee.
  • Integration with other job sites We can submit your resume to Monster, Dice, CareerBuilder and other sites for you. Use job networking resources like LinkedIn
  • Easily upload of your existing resume If you have a resume already, you can upload it, we’ll parse it out, and then you can edit it.
  • Resume builder wizards Pick from our online resume builder wizards and fill out your resume in simple steps. Automatic advice
  • Advice and referrals to professional resume writers and job consultants You can even open up your resume for comments from the community and get free advice (for what it’s worth).
  • Social networking and referrals Help friends find jobs and network with other professionals in your field and area.

Coming soon