Aaron Evans Resume

Aaron Evans

Software Quality Assurance, Test Automation, Test Driven Development


Help software development teams reliably deliver value by creating higher quality products faster.


I have over 10 years experience in software testing & development. My specialty is building test automation and continuous integration solutions with open source tools.

I'm a big fan of agile processes (especially iterative, test driven development!) but not attached to any single methodology or tool. I focus on working effectively with others and getting things done.

I have worked for large enterprises and small startups, sometimes as an employee, but primarily as a consultant. Because I travel frequently (and like my adjustable desk & home office) I prefer to telecommute.

Work Experience

September 2013 – present


Title: Quality Engineering Lead
Job Description: Lead testing efforts and develop automation for aviation market intelligence tools
  • Maintain & update existing test automation harness (Selenium, Java, JSON)
  • Build new page object based test automation framework (Java, BDD)
  • Administer continuous integration servers (Jenkins)
  • Hire and train manual and automation testers
  • Lead the Quality Engineering team
July 2012 – August 2013

Title: Senior Software Engineer in Test
Job Description: Help development and QA teams build test automation tools & teach QA best practices
  • Build dashboard and REST services for "Quality Bot" page comparison scraping tool (Node.js)
  • Update "Agile Metrics" application with defect coverage reports from Microsoft TFS (Rails)
  • Embed on internal "startup" team building prototype applications
  • Write scripts to enable continuous delivery and improve code testability
  • Deliver company-wide presentation on "Refactoring for Testability"
February 2011 – May 2011


Title: Test Automation Engineer
Job Description: Test web portal, mobile application, and web services for Ford electric vehicles
  • Write test plan and implement testing procedures for RESTful web services
  • Develop test case extraction tool (from MS Word to MySQL database)
  • Integrate utility pricing data with Microsoft Utility Rate Service (Java, OData)
  • Integrate web and mobile application with MapQuest API
  • Deployment to test environment & develop smoke tests
August 2010 – December 2010


Title: Automation Developer
Job Description: Develop automation framework for web service testing
  • Implement automated testing of SOAP web service
  • Extend JUnit test runner to report custom results, map requirements to automated tests
  • Build integration between JUnit and HP Quality Center in C# using the Open Test Architecture API
  • Develop data driven test layer for automated tests
  • Adapt build script (ant) and execute automated tests with Hudson for continuous integration
January 2010 – September 2011


Title: QA Lead
Job Description: Direct quality assurance efforts for the development team at DomainTools
  • Develop unit tests and train developers on unit testing with PHPUnit
  • Build test automation framework using Selenium
  • Lead defect tracking and bug triage
  • Agile process training and leadership
  • Review code quality and testing coverage

Title: SDET
Job Description: Test automation development for Amazon Magazine Subscription Manager
  • Design and implement test harness and framework (Selenium, Java, and Junit)
  • Write automated test cases & suites
  • Cross browser compatibility testing (Selenium Grid)
  • Test data setup and analysis (Oracle)
  • Building mock objects and data access objects to assist testing
April 2008 – February 2009


Title: Quality Assurance 3 (SDET)
Job Description: Test Automation and integration testing for Speakeasy Voice (VOIP appliance & website)
  • Write automated integration tests using Selenium and Fitnesse (STIQ framework, Selenium IDE)
  • Create test harness for automation execution and reporting (Junit, TestNG, Selenium RC)
  • Setup VMs and "mock" results for testing integration with external services (VMWare)
  • Troubleshoot complex environment issues
  • Write Perl scripts for test data setup and environment status reporting
January 2007 – October 2007


Title: Test Lead
Job Description: Lead tester for "Solution Director" graphical process definition application for telephony
  • Create test environment and automate build process (Ant, Luntbuild)
  • Test team task management and bug triage (Bugzilla)
  • Training employees and document product testing and environment procedures and settings
  • Test automated telephony call flows defined in flowchart-like diagrams
  • Develop automated regression tests for Eclipse RCP client (using Instantiations WindowTester)
January 2006 – December 2006


Title: System Integration Tester & Team Lead
Job Description: Hardware & software system installation & testing for air-to-ground network & wifi
  • Setup & document network configuration simulating in-aircraft and enterprise ground systems
  • Write test cases and coordinate integration test team efforts
  • Lead defect triage and prioritize bug fixes
  • Cross- team training with vendor software development teams
  • Test data migration (import Bugzilla defects to ClearQuest)
December 2004 – June 2005

Real Networks

Title: Quality Assurance Engineer
Job Description: Manual and automated testing, internationalization and integration testing
  • Test internationalization (locale, langauge, currency, layout) of and internal CMS engine
  • Write automated system tests & unit tests
  • Develop load test scripts and analyze perfonmance bottlenecks (Jmeter, LoadRunner)
  • Maintain QA wiki documentation
  • Test integration with third party (Yahoo) RSS & media feeds with Real Player
May 2004 – November 2004


Title: Tester
Job Description: Manual and automated testing of Wi-Fi captive portal and mobile purchase platform
  • Test B2B enterprise system (J2EE, EJBs, servlets, web services)
  • Test Wi-Fi captive portal with RADIUS authentication
  • Build test data generation scripts
  • Test custom CRM and payment processing service
  • Develop performance test suite (LoadRunner)
August 2000 – April 2004

AT&T Wireless

Title: Test Analyst / Developer
Job Description: Test web site and B2B web "services", develop test automation and tools
  • Test e-commerce website, B2B web services
  • Integration testing between web, unix and mainframe systems
  • Develop tools for verification of database, XML web service, and back end systems (Perl, Python)
  • Maintain AT&T internal defect tracking tool (Perl)
  • Design and lead development of employee time tracking web application (VBScript)
  • Write automated tests for Siebel CRM system (WinRunner, Quick Test Pro)
  • Train customer support representatives & testers on Siebel CRM system
  • Train and coordinate transition to outsource test team
May 2000 – September 2000


Title: Tester / Test Lab Administrator
Job Description: Execute automated tests and for precursor to Office Live using early .NET
  • Manage build system & version control for large team of 75+ developers
  • Lab administration for 200+ computers (test clients & servers)
  • Execute automated tests (Javascript)
  • Bug tracking & troubleshooting (RAID)
  • Build verification and deployment scripts (batch files)
January 1997 – April 2000

National Computer Solutions /

Title: Lead Support Technician / System Administrator
Job Description: Tech support and and system administration (with a little web development)
  • Maintain dial-up ISP servers (Linux) & modems
  • Build and repair PCs
  • Design and build web sites (HTML)
  • Provide call-in and on-site technical assistance
  • Write customer support content

Technical Skills

Operating Systems: Linux, Windows, Mac
Programming Languages: Java, C#, Ruby, Python, Javascript, PHP, Perl, C, C++
Test Automation: Selenium, WebDriver, Watir, HtmlUnit, Quick Test Pro
Performance Testing: LoadRunner, JMeter
Unit Test Frameworks: JUnit, TestNG, NUnit, PHPUnit, SimpleTest, RSpec, py.test
BDD Test Frameworks: Cucumber, Fitnesse, Rspec, Specflow, mocha/chai
Defect Tracking/Test Management: Bugzilla, Jira, Trac, Redmine, Mantis, Quality Center
Web Service Testing: SoapUI, Fiddler, cURL, Wireshark
Build Automation: maven, ant, make, rake, Nuget
Version Control: git, subversion, TFS, ClearCase
Web Development: HTML, CSS, JS, AJAX, JQuery, Rails, Node, Meteor
Web/AppServers: Apache, Nginx, Tomcat, IIS
Databases: MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, Oracle, SQL Server, MongoDB
IDEs: Eclipse, IDEA, NetBeans, Visual Studio
Continuous Integration: Jenkins, Bamboo, Go
Command Line: bash, vim, ssh, DOS
CRM: Salesforce, SugarCRM, Siebel
Document Management: Confluence, XWiki, SharePoint, Alfresco
CMS: Drupal, Wordpress, SilverStripe
Office Suites: Microsoft Office, LibreOffice



Oregon Institute of Technology

Computer Science

Klamath Falls, Oregon
Hi, my name is Aaron Evans.

I am a Software QA Engineer with over 10 years total IT experience. I specialize in test automation.

I'm a fan of open source tools & agile methods.

I am currently looking for full time, contract, or consulting work via telecommute only.

I am available for freelance development & testing projects through my company One Shore.